Prostitutes near the metro station Komendantskij prospekt

New girls:

Fairies "Commandant Prospect" metro station urge everyone to get a powerful dose of adrenaline with the sweetest taste of romance and sex. At bargain rate specific services you will enjoy voluptuous orgasm and gentle rejuvenation of your body:


  • Strap
  • Role-playing games
  • Classical massage
  • Cunnilingus
  • Escort


Delicate hands of a professional charmer will make a study of all the hidden corners of your body by gentle stroking, light slaps and powerful blows. You will not forget the study will continue with the latest ways to contact massage and the involvement of different romantic toys. The pleasure would be akin to the shake-up of the most powerful short-circuit. The flight of your thoughts about the gray everyday life of the working week will turn into mist and the solution to the multiple sensations of pleasure. Your body will get the ease and sensuality flight to the center of the universe. The body will become weightless and easy passage of the lunar bridge. Return to the ground will be a pleasant and accompanied by bright and powerful orgasm with a short-circuit the whole earth elements.

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